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About The Leonids

Every year around November 17th, a group of meteors called The Leonids, falls from the night sky. These famous shooting stars are named after the area of the sky from which they seem to originate: the constellation of Leo. This year a group of musicians called The Leonids will launch their debut album Satellite Broadcast Kill on that same date. Among them two female singers that were born under the sign of Leo. On November 17th the music will be launched uniquely at the expo space of WGKunst in Amsterdam: an audiovisual presentation that will trigger all the senses.

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Printed press

"Miniatuurtjes over wonderen... opgetild door filmische strijkers"
**** (Het Parool)

"Melodieën van fluweel en prachtige, lichte arrangementen"
**** (de Volkskrant)

"Pure pop met een vrouwelijke twist"

"Een van de allermooiste platen die er dit jaar van eigen bodem verschenen"
**** (Zone 5300)

"Uitdagende partijen van het West Side strijktrio"
*** (NRC)

Online press

De krenten uit de pop
Written in music

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For bookings of The Leonids you can contact Sonja van Hamel.

Phone: 06-10744923


Satellite Broadcast Kill

Nybyen Winter
Lucid Dreams
Under The Leonids
Song I Don't Sing Anymore
The Common World
A Hand Of Hearts
Satellite Broadcast Kill
The Sun Machine
Breathing Backwards
The Sirens
My Muse My Mars


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